Monday, April 4, 2011

The April Harvest Calendar

Dogwood. And cherry blossom.

It must be spring.

This is the cool, green calm before the deluge of May.

Not much to eat yet, except for the old standbys. My talented friend Lucy told me this waiting period between the end of winter and the first harvest is known as The Hungry Gap.

You can feel the anticipation in the air though.

"Any rhubarb yet?"

The world seems to be generally unrumpling itself, shrugging off the cold and remembering how to play nicely.

For the most part anyway. I was speaking with a farmer about his burdock crop the other day. We'd never officially met before.

"Are you a food writer?" he asked.

"I'm Amanda," I extended a hand.

"Not Amanda Hesser."

"No, but I'm a big fan of hers."

"No. I was going to say, you aged really fast."

Here John. Here's a shot of your five damned bunches of wintered-over arugula.

Still, it's spring. And it's hard not to like a man that into growing burdock, even on his less charming days.

Mesclun and parsnips should be available within the next couple of weeks, and last year's shell beans, onions, potatoes, and apples are still available from cold storage. While we wait for the first field crops of the season to grow there are still greens from the tents to tide us over.

And so much more besides.

As always, crop information is available in the sidebar harvest calendar over there on the right all month. The information comes from a guide published by the CENYC, which runs the Greenmarket & New Farmer Development Project. To locate markets near you in the US, check the Zip or City Quick Search at Local Harvest.

Happy spring and happy April!


PinkCatJo said...

Such lovely colours, beautiful flowers and so much variety.

I am officially bored of cabbage but loving the wild garlic we have been eating lots of this past week. I'm desperate for rhubarb too! x

Toffeeapple said...

Happy April to you too! Such a colourful post, lovely. You seem to be a couple of weeks behind us weather-wise.

WV = argent, how lovely.

Figs, Bay, Wine said...

PinkCatJo, Wild garlic! How wonderful, I'm officially jealous. I too am truly bored of cabbage. And apples!! I'm I'm not slicing another onion until August : )

Toffeeapple, Thank you my dear! Are we behind? Actually it snowed last week, so we must be!

Wendy said...

Don't think I've ever been so happy to see spring. Lovely pics. Made me smile. x

Heide Riess said...

I was in Shelburne yesterday and the wind whipping off Champlain racing from snowfrosted Adirondacks & was outrageously painful....but we did have wonderful individual skillet of corned beef hash, homefries, and eggs....COMFORT FOOD...spring has not sprung here....

Janet R said...

You've aged really fast? Hilarious!

Figs, Bay, Wine said...

Wendy, thank you - we both had quite the winter, didn't we? Hope it's springing for you too.

Heide, I know spring is nowhere in sight there yet! Painful is right. But it sounds like you know what you're doing : )

Janet, oh I know! Good stuff. He really is a good guy. Just a little curmudgeonly at the end of winter I'm guessing.

Anonymous said...

am sure youve been told this before, you have a gorgeous blog! i'd love to stay updated... when i tried subscribe via e-mail, it opened outlook, rather than feedblitz or feedburner e-mail subscribe options... i only have a web mail id, can you help pls?

Figs, Bay, Wine said...

Anonymous, thank you and welcome! I'm afraid the whole thing is rather technically backward still, I'm sorry. If you'd like to subscribe with your feed reader, click on Subscribe to the Figs, Bay & Wine feed. If you'd like to receive a personal email from me when a new post goes up, click on Subscribe by email and send me an email that just says "subscribe" or whatever you feel like writing. I hope this helps, and please let me know if the problems persist!

Kalyn said...

I am quite jealous. We still have snow here and I haven't really seen any flowers peeking out yet.

Jeremy, Le Figeur said...

The daffodils here are almost over now.

Lucy said...

John! SO rude.

(his "damned bunches of over-wintered arugala" made me laugh out loud.)

Waiting, waiting. I've a friend in Vermont who's waitingwaiting, too...the duck eggs are gorgeous.

Lucy said...

(also, what's with my complete inability to, ya know, spell things correctly in your comments section...


Figs, Bay, Wine said...

Kalyn, the waiting is tough I know! Did I tell you there's still 6 feet at my parents'?

Jeremy, you're ahead! It's so much milder there once it decides to be done - much less back and forth.

Lucy, Vermont's even tougher. I don't know how my parents do New Hampshire. Hard liquor is my guess though.

Anonymous said...

And may it never be winter again.
Great blog.
Sally Ann

Hannah said...

All those fresh things look so beautiful!

Jenn @leftoverqueen said...

Happy Spring, Amanda! Beautiful photos!

Cynthia said...

Oh gosh Amanda, honestly, I just love your posts, it's like a mini book of wonder - you feed us with the food, you show us beautiful flowers, vegetables, produce, honestly the combo always works.

And by the way, I cannot believe that man said that to you! The nerve!

Hannah@CraftsAkimbo said...

Oh look at those blue eggs! And daffodils!

I found you via Farmgirl Fare, I live in Scotland near Oban and it's always great to hear of other Scottish Bloggers around the world :)

Figs, Bay, Wine said...

Sally Ann, thank you!

Hannah, it’s promising isn’t it? Can’t be long now.

Jenn, Happy spring to you too! And thanks : )

Cynthia, aren’t you so very kind to say so! Thank you my dear. I know can you believe what a grouch? He’s actually very nice. The only thing to do was laugh.

Hannah, I’m so glad you found me! I love finding other Scottish bloggers too! Do stay in touch – I can’t wait to check out your site!

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