Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The June Harvest Calendar

Things are picking up. I almost miss the quiet of May. Or at least I can feel the cool, green solace of spring ebbing away.

I haven't had a perfect strawberry yet, but they've appeared in the past couple of weeks, they're from the field, and they're getting sweeter.

The ramps are almost done. They're much plumper now - perfect for pickling.

The spring garlic has grown bulbs too, though inside it's mild, still undivided into cloves.

There are still a few fiddleheads to be found.

And there are great tangles of pea shoots.

And spinach.

The heaps of lettuce are getting higher. I'm always surprised to remember how fragrant freshly harvested lettuce can be.

And the chicory is still sweet enough for salads.

The asparagus is in abundance now, and the harvest is far more regular.

Chefs have been making off with great crates of the spears, along with a flat of the first strawberries here, to the local restaurants.

I bring home armfuls of the stuff along with fresh pheasant eggs for a perfect springtime tegamino.

Herbs are everywhere too. The chives are in bloom.

And the rhubarb is reaching its height.

Carciugga is lovely peeled and fried in thin stalks, much as they do in Italy with zucchini.

The first baby beets are being pulled from the field.

And the garlic scapes are ready too.

Spring flowers have always been my favorites.

The lilacs have sadly peaked.

But there's still lily of the valley.

And sweet peas.

The peonies are in wild abundance.

There are even a few foxgloves.

And though summer is still a couple of weeks away, the poppies are starting.

The parsnips are finished now until October, but new harvests this month will also include broccoli, cabbage, peas and swiss chard.

Crop notes are available in the sidebar harvest calendar over there on the right all month. The information comes from a guide published by the CENYC, which runs the Greenmarket & New Farmer Development Project. To familiarize yourself with what's in season where you live, I advise a visit to your own farmer's markets at least every couple of weeks. And ask lots of questions – no one knows which crops are at their peak quite like the people who grow them. To locate markets near you in the US, check the Zip or City Quick Search at Local Harvest.

Happy spring and happy June!


Toffeeapple said...

What a glorious, joyous post this is Amanda, it is lovely to see the abundance in your market. I have never seen Pheasant or Turkey eggs on sale in Britain, have you eaten either one and, if so, do they taste different from Chicken eggs?

I'm going to have another look at your marvellous pictures, thank you for taking the time to post them all.

Toffeeapple said...

I forgot to say that I liked the little snail in the last shot.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

A beautiful array of fresh produce & flowers! I've never seen or heard of carciugga. I'm intrigued. Does it go by any other name?

Barbara said...

Afabulous selection of produce Amanda. I love peonies and sweet peas.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos this month! It makes me wish I could visit your farmers markets and see for myself.


Jenn @leftoverqueen said...

Look at all that beautiful produce!

Sylvia said...

What a wonderful market.A long time I'm not going to a big one. Thanks for share these amazing pics.

Gloria said...

aaah Amanda I love all the pictures, are amazing, specially the strawberries and the flowers, look wonderful! gloria

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